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How to Survive Holidays With Meateaters

Every year it’s the same. You gather together with family, people you truly love, people you enjoy spending time with (Okay, Uncle Norman notwithstanding).  But. . . there is always the standard obligatory ribbing of the token vegetarian.

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Best Halloween Costumes for Vegetarians

In a few short days, Halloween will be upon us. Of the many yearly traditions, this one travels light. It has no luggage. It doesn’t come encumbered with religious importance or the weighty privilege of thanking those who’ve sacrificed much for our benefit. It’s the Sweden of holidays, totally neutral and based simply upon fun. Well, that. . . and candy.

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Review – Caribbean Sushi

A new restaurant for me, and since they advertised plantain in the sushi, I was excited. However, I’m used to potato like, fried, crispy plantains from Haiti.

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Review – Saffron Mediterranian Cuisine

Saffron was my second Vegan Chef Challenge endeavor. I say that but at our monthly Vegetarian Potluck, we had some samples from Chimera, Shawkat, Hapa Japanese and I believe there were some donuts and cookies from other places.

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Review – Tulsa Vegan Chef Challenge

Why bother with the Vegan Chef Challenge? For those of us who live alone or out of the downtown Tulsa area or already have a busy social life…why do we need to get out of our comfort zones and support this venue? Well, for starters, the food has been amazing so far.

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