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Hi, Welcome to the Vegetarian Society of Tulsa. VSoT is a family-friendly social and educational group sponsoring monthly potluck gatherings, community outreach programs, education  events, veg-friendly social outings, animal protection activities and interesting speakers. Our goal is to bring people together to learn about a humane, healthy, and environmentally responsible plant- based lifestyle.


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Best Halloween Costumes for Vegetarians

In a few short days, Halloween will be upon us. Of the many yearly traditions, this one travels light. It has no luggage. It doesn’t come encumbered with religious importance or the weighty privilege of thanking those who’ve sacrificed much for our benefit. It’s the Sweden of holidays, totally neutral and based simply upon fun. Well, that. . . and candy.

Lois Reviews – In the Raw

Last evening was a beautiful encounter with friends and food in the Rose District of Broken Arrow at another new restaurant for me, In The Raw.

Review – Mother Road Market

So, today’s adventure was to the Mother Road Market where we were hoping to find 6-7 restaurants participating in the Vegan Chef Challenge.


Plant-Based Lifestyle

Supported by science, there are several major benefits to transitioning to plant-based nutrition. VSoT is a community of like-minded individuals here to offer support for people interested in learning and exploring a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

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