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Hi, Welcome to the Vegetarian Society of Tulsa. VSoT is a family-friendly social and educational group sponsoring monthly potluck gatherings, community outreach programs, education  events, veg-friendly social outings, animal protection activities and interesting speakers. Our goal is to bring people together to learn about a humane, healthy, and environmentally responsible plant- based lifestyle.


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Review – Caribbean Sushi

A new restaurant for me, and since they advertised plantain in the sushi, I was excited. However, I’m used to potato like, fried, crispy plantains from Haiti.

Review – Saffron Mediterranian Cuisine

Saffron was my second Vegan Chef Challenge endeavor. I say that but at our monthly Vegetarian Potluck, we had some samples from Chimera, Shawkat, Hapa Japanese and I believe there were some donuts and cookies from other places.

Review – Tulsa Vegan Chef Challenge

Why bother with the Vegan Chef Challenge? For those of us who live alone or out of the downtown Tulsa area or already have a busy social life…why do we need to get out of our comfort zones and support this venue? Well, for starters, the food has been amazing so far.


Plant-Based Lifestyle

Supported by science, there are several major benefits to transitioning to plant-based nutrition. VSoT is a community of like-minded individuals here to offer support for people interested in learning and exploring a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

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